Laetitia is an award-winning photographer. She is born in Toulouse, France, 1979. She started photography in 2013 after having to study and work as an engineer chemistry for seven years. You may wonder what the bridge between Engineer and photography is, actually there is none. After achieving what her surrounding was expecting from her, she felt useless, senseless and decided to change her path.

Photography has been a healing process. It helped her to reconnect with herself. It became a crucial tool to express and interrogate the human being, its consideration in our society and its inner revolution to define its identity.

Those are the main interests Laetitia has. She loves to tell stories around those thematics, simply because she can relate to them.

She attempts to use photography in a personal and interactive approach to narration, searching for a delicate balance between a poetic and journalistic approach.

She often choices to give a narrative through the prism of privacy and intimacy, as she believes that beyond our differences of religion, culture, language, and education, we can still connect to the universal moral values of justice, respect, responsibility, and love.


For the work "At The End Of The Day":

- Among the finalists for Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards 2017

- Among the finalists of LensCulture‘s Exposure Awards 2017

- Pre-nominated for the PIX PALACE-VISAS Prize 2016 at VISA POUR L’IMAGE , Perpignan, FRANCE

- Favorite for La BOURSE DU TALENT 2016

- Published on LensBlog New York Times, National Geographic France & USA, D-Magazine in Italy.

For the work „My Home, My Prison“:

- Selected for the photo festival LES BOUTOGRAPHIES 2015 - Montpellier, FRANCE

- Winner of the BLUMM POMILIO PRIZE FUTURE FRAMES 2015 - Embassy of Italy, Brussels, BELGIUM

- Gold award winner from the CPOY 2014 (College Photographer Of the Year) in the category International Story, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA

- Pre-nominated for the PIX PALACE-VISAS Prize 2015 at VISA POUR L’IMAGE , Perpignan, FRANCE